C&G Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd commenced underwriting in October 2005, and is today one of the leading construction and engineering underwriters in the country. The team of C&G has a combined history of over 200 years of delivery, management, underwriting and broking in the construction and engineering insurance business.

Our vision is to become the preferred underwriter in our niche field of expertise. As such we understand that the success of C&G is inextricably linked to long term partnerships with our brokers.

These partnerships are built on mutual trust and a common sense of purpose which ultimately cultivates an environment of business success.

C&G Underwrites on behalf of Guardrisk Insurance Company Limited. Guardrisk Insurance Company Limited has an AA rating from Global Credit Ratings and is the highest rated specialist Insurer in South Africa.


Insurance Excellence

• We are staffed by highly skilled and vastly experienced insurance specialists in this niche field of insurance, which is the cornerstone of our success;

• We have built up an enviable track record as industry experts in all of the construction and engineering insurance sectors;

• We pro-actively keep abreast of new developments in the construction and engineering markets globally;

• We have a physical presence in (most of) the major centres;

• We have strong relationships with most (if not all) of the major construction firms;

• We have a demonstrable track record of good loss ratios and underwriting skills;

• Our reinsurance programme is supported by reinsurers with at least a Standard & Poor’s or AM Best rating of A- or higher;

• We enjoy strong support from all the national brokers specialising in construction insurance;

• Our owner-manager culture and relative small size means we can quickly respond to changes in the market and provide customised solutions to our clients;

• Our scientific approach to underwriting and pricing allows us to ensure that our product offering is always at the leading edge.